Cow or Buffalo

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Last Friday, I wrote about waves and storms being an integral part of the stock markets. While I was reflecting on the Nano for this week, I read something insightful in an email from How To Money.

When a storm brews, cows can sense it coming so they run in the opposite direction.

But the storm always catches up.

Cows are constantly trying to outrun the storm.

Then there’s the buffalo…  

Instead of running away, buffalos run into the storm.

They instinctively know that plowing head-first into storms will get them out the other side faster. It minimizes the amount of time, pain, and frustration they experience.”

We all face storms in life. As humans, our natural instinct is just like cows. We run away, delaying, and extending the pain.

But, if we can muster up the courage and face our storms head-on, we can get through tough times quicker. There are sunny skies on the other side!”

Just something to think about.

Many investors try to outrun the waves and storms of the stock market by abandoning the ship or jumping out. In simple words, we try to time the markets despite knowing how futile this exercise is. We have some excuses ready – I will wait for things to settle, I will come back later.

There are many such waves and storms that we will witness every year over the next several decades (I would be surprised not to see them).

The question then is –

How will you face your next storm? Like a cow or a buffalo?