The Serious Money Show

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Many in the investing world would have heard of Jim Cramer, the (in)famous host of the US CNBC show “Mad Money”. You would have too. If you have not, trust me you have not missed anything.

I am sharing an interesting conversation that I had heard on a podcast in which one of Jim Cramer’s ex-colleagues was interviewed. This gentleman (let’s call him Tim), said, “I told Jim – I am soon going to start a show called Serious Money.”

Jim laughed and said, “Goodluck my friend…This is never going to work…People don’t want serious or real stuff. They want fun, excitement, and madness around money. This is why my show works.”

Isn’t this true?

Have you ever seen a show that focuses on the foundational principles of success in investing and tells you to keep it simple – save and invest regularly, diversify, and let compounding work for you?

Have you ever seen a show that tells you to ignore the noise…to ignore the predictions (forecasts)…and to focus on what’s truly important for you?

Have you ever seen a show that tells you to focus on getting a world class real financial professional as your co-pilot/CFO?

Have you ever seen a show that tells you to not come between you and your goals (to not operate/experiment on your and your family’s financial lives)?

I bet you have never. No one has. Because there is no serious one that’s ever been made. And I doubt that one will be made (anytime soon) unless financial porn, noise and bullshit goes out of fashion.

And it’s up to us to make such financial porn irrelevant by helping our near and dear ones know the difference between mad and serious money.