The Three Decisions

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Naval Ravikant, Founder of AngelList writes, “There are three big decisions you make in your early life: where you live, who you are with, and what you do.

If you are going to live in a city for ten years, if you are going to be in a job for 20+ years, if you are in a relationship for a decade plus, you should be spending one to two years deciding these things. These are highly dominating decisions. Those three decisions really matter.”

What about these decisions in the context of investing for investors?

  1. Which asset class do you live in? – Equity, Debt, Real Estate, Crypto, Gold and Cash. Which asset class is your money invested in? The rate at which compounding happens depends on the asset class you live in.
  2. Who are you with? – Your Financial Professional. Whether you have one or none and if you have one, the choice of this professional is key.
  3. What do you do? – The critical things are how much you save; how much you invest in investments that compound faster than inflation and how you behave.

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