To DO List and To BE List

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

We live in a world of To-Do’s. We all have a To-Do List and it is the biggest and the only list that we all have.

However the first list to have, is your To BE List.

These are some of my To BE’s

I want to be:

  • A Disciplined  Investor (Saving Every Month)
  • Focused
  • A Continuous Learner
  • Open to Change
  • A Great Listener
  • An Excellent Communicator
  • Hard Working
  • A Long Term Investor in my Firm – (Investing in my firm, my team and myself)
  • An Innovator – (Innovating and Developing World Class Products/Content)

What are your To BE’s? What will you want To BE?

I would love to know your To BE List. The 3 Best ones will win a FREE valuable Gift (Surprise).

P.S Thanks so much for all the responses and love for the blog. I am happy that you are finding the blog valuable and the thoughts awesome…