Blood and Money

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

We all need blood to live. But do we live for our blood?

Likewise, we all need money to live. But do we live for our money?

Do you?

Nobody does. But this relationship between us and our money is often not clear.

The care and guidance of a Real Financial Professional is supposed to help us figure this out. This is however easier said than done. The traditional financial services industry gets people to focus on the money /portfolios (blood) and returns (more blood). But a Real Financial Professional helps people make important decisions about their financial lives with the money they have.

We all know that the objective of blood is to help our organs function and to let us live healthy lives. In that sense, the goal of money is not to deliver a return on money (ROM) or a return on investment (ROI). Instead, it is to deliver a Return on Life (ROL).

Because our life is not about making our money grow. Our money is about making our life grow.

Are you getting a Return on Life? Is your money helping your life grow?