The Sellers of Certainty

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

When it comes to investing, who do you want in your team?

1. A trustworthy guide in an uncertain world


2. A seller of certainty

This is not a trick question. There is a massive difference between these two types of people.

I like to believe that the regular readers of this blog would select Option 1 but there could be a tiny chance you might have said/wished, a trustworthy guide who is selling certainty. However, such a person is akin to a mythical creature in the investment world; they simply don’t exist.

In the realm of investing, “sellers of certainty” are typically those who guarantee specific investment outcomes or market predictions with unwavering confidence.

Haven’t you come across these people?

While I cannot identify real individuals or entities, here are a few generalized examples of such characters in the investment world:

The Guarantor: This person offers investment products with promises of guaranteed returns, often ignoring the inherent risks or market volatility.

The Trend Prophet: This character claims to have exclusive insights into market trends, asserting they can predict market movements with high precision.

The Infomercial Guru: Often seen in advertisements, they sell courses or seminars on foolproof investment strategies that promise wealth and success.

The Social-Media Maverick: They use platforms like Twitter or Instagram to tout their investment prowess, showcasing a lifestyle funded by their ‘can’t lose’ trading tactics.

 The Exclusive Club Leader: They run subscription-based services offering ‘insider’ tips and stock picks that they claim are sure to win.

The Algorithmic Oracle: These individuals sell software or systems that allegedly use advanced algorithms to predict stock prices and beat the market consistently.

As you know, there are no guarantees in real investing because we live in an uncertain and unpredictable world.

Seek out a guardian of your trust, an advocate for your assets, a financial confidant who is both a technical rockstar and a trusted caring guide who will align the use of your money with what’s important to you.

This is the mark of a true financial ally—one who commits not just to the growth of your portfolio, but to the flourishing of your financial journey and your financial life.

Reality presents us with a clear choice: a trustworthy guide or a merchant of false promises.