The Next 15-20%

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Last year, I had written a Nano headlined, “The Next 300%.” This was very well received. In case you don’t remember it, I would recommend giving it a quick read. It might just be the dose of Vitamin C that you require (This is certainly not medical advice or financial advice for that matter ☺).

I have never understood this obsession about whether the market is headed in the short term.

How will the next 15-20% move in the market fund your child’s education?

How is the next 15-20% move going to fund your lifestyle over several decades in retirement?

How is the next 15-20% move going to impact your ability to create multi-generational wealth?

The next 15-20% whether up or down simply does not matter when it comes to your entire financial life and funding the things that are important to you. If any, they are a clear distraction getting you to focus on the noise of the financial pornography networks.

Don’t let the next 15-20% be an obstacle in compounding your wealth over the next several decades.