The Biggest Battles to Win in Investing and Life

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

I am sure many of you would have got a sense of what I am about to write (based on some of the previous posts). Even then, I had to write this post anyway as I felt I can never over-communicate on this one point.

The biggest and constant battles to Win in Investing and Life are the ones with Ourselves.

It is the Inner Battle. It is your Battle with your Inner Voice. This inner voice is telling you to invest when everyone screams invest and telling you to run away when the world is panicking. This inner voice is constantly telling you who you can and cannot become. This inner voice has been issuing Certificates to you all along. Learn to Tame this Inner Voice. Tell your Inner Voice “I am Excited about the Future” and see the difference.

Try saying this aloud (even when you read a gloomy post or your intelligent friend scares you) and repeat it as often as you can or whenever (wherever) “I am excited about the Future”. I promise it will create some new connections in your brain and reframe the way you look at things.

Your Mindset drives your Investing and Life. Thus, this exercise is necessary, urgent, and important as it will help you win the biggest battles in Investing and your Life.