Insightful Data on Timing ₿itcoin

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

We have all seen data of the impact of missing the best 20 days of the market. In case you don’t recollect, read the post “The 20 Best Days in the Last 20 Years”.

I recently saw an interesting chart on Timing Bitcoin investing.

Look at this chart by DAIM.

This is assuming you bought 1 BTC for $768 on 01/01/2014 and held it until 26th January 2022.

Bitcoin trades 24*7*365 but if you missed just 7 days, your value would have been ¼ of the current value. It only took 7 days in an 8-year period to 4x an investor’s portfolio. Similarly, if you miss 28 days out of the 2500 trading days, your investment would have lost money.

Isn’t the data mind-blowing?

The best part is that there will never be a way to know the best 7, 20 or 28 days. No one will.