The 100 Word Financial Plan

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

The 100 Word Financial Plan

•   6-12 months of Contingency Funds.

•   20-40X of your Annual Income -Term Plan.

•   Insure your Health and Assets.

•   First Save 25% of your Income and then Spend Guilt-Free.

•   Set Financial Goals and Prioritize.

•   Start Small with 5% if you can’t save more but Start Now.

•   Minimum 50% of your Assets to be invested in Diversified Equity
      Funds(Long Term Money only).

•   Rebalance your Asset Allocation once a year.

•   Ensure Nomination on All Assets.

•   Create your Power of Attorney and Will.

•   Get out of Compounding’s Way.

•   Stop Reading or watching the News. Read Good Books instead.

•   Be Positive about India and the world.

P.S. (Yes and Drink that Starbucks Coffee if you like it)