The Five Money Secrets

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Can you guess what the 5 secrets are?

Hint: These have nothing to do with selection of products/markets/assets, or timing (getting in and out).

Joe John Duran, CFA in his book “The Money Code” shares the 5 secrets.

1. Your Life will be filled with tough choices.

2. Your Entire Life is determined by how you make decisions.

3. Your Biases will affect every decision you make.

4. You will be Distracted by things that don’t matter. (Read my Tuesday post about The Thing To Focus on in the New Year)

5. You Must have a Good Process to Make Good Decisions.

This is indeed an excellent framework.

Think about how you make money decisions.

Is there a process that you use before coming to any money decision?

The next time you have to make an important decision, reflect through these five steps and go through a sound process.

The HappyRich Roadmap is a world class process aimed at helping you make wise decisions about your money. And if you are reading this blog, I believe this is one secret that you would have already experienced by now. If you haven’t, today is that day.

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