The Definition of Brilliant

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Many of you would have read the FTX Trilogy that I had written in November. I promise there is no more of that. We already have had enough of it.

But I couldn’t help but share this Kevin O’Leary video. I am sure you know him as Mr. Wonderful from the Entertainment (Not an Investment) show, Shark Tank.

Just can’t believe such folks…As long as they can make money…they are willing to support anyone or fund anyone…

In this video, Mr. Wonderful calls Samuel “the most brilliant trader.”

Does Brilliant ever = Fraud = Fooling and Cheating Investors?

And since when has this become the definition of brilliant?

But we live in a world where people with such influence perpetuate such bullshit all the time.

That’s why the Latin phrase “Caveat Emptor = Let the Buyer Beware” is even more relevant today.


P. S.: By the way, FTX paid $15 million to Mr. Wonderful to be a spokesperson for the exchange.