It’s unbelievably easy

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Imagine someone is getting people to vacate their land or property for a price. Do you think it is easy? No. People give up their lives for their assets.

On the other hand, imagine how easy it is to get people to vacate their equity investments (and sometimes at throw away prices). 

All it takes is a Media Scare. The manipulators know how easy it is to shake up weak minds. A Scary headline such as “Billions of Dollars lost in 1 day” or “the market lost Rs.5 Lakh Crore in just 15 days” is enough to transfer equity assets from 90% of people panicking to the 10% who do not.  Another variation of the scare is to tell people the markets are overvalued and that they should sell. The simple fact is that volatility is part of this game and in the short run it does not matter where the market is headed. It only matters where the market is when you need the money. 

This is a game that manipulators (legal crooks) play all the time. They know how to use headlines and the media to their advantage. They know the language and the rules of the game. 

It is high time you learn to protect yourself from such people by learning the basic language and rules of the game yourself.

The only way to protect yourself is by adopting the process of planning, ignoring the noise, staying invested and letting compounding do its job.