Isn’t This Crazy?

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Imagine you meet the CEO of a successful company. The CEO has an executive leadership team, but the team members have never met each other. In fact, they don’t even collaborate with each other. What would you think of this CEO and the company?

Wouldn’t you think this is crazy?

How can the team not meet or even collaborate with each other?

Isn’t this crazy?

Yes, it certainly is.

But we see this on a regular basis in the world of investing…even when it comes to very high net worth families and many family offices.

The tax, legal, financial professionals never meet or collaborate. Each one is doing his/her own shit…There is a difference between a team of experts and one expert team. Needless to say, people pay for this in the form of missed opportunities, risks, gaps, blindspots and countless costly mistakes. Isn’t this too a clear form of insanity?

I bet you do.