The First Encounter with Money

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Can you recollect your first encounter with money?

Like everyone, our first encounter with money is about spending… And as Carl Richards says everything, we are taught about spending is negative – like you overspent or you underspent or may have broken some rule.

If the foundation itself is negative, it’s easy to see why we feel guilty many times of spending on certain things.

So how do we get good with our spending? But first let’s define what we mean by getting good with spending.

Getting good with spending does not mean you don’t spend…Getting good with spending means getting good at spending well…It’s about getting good at spending even if this means spending a lot of money on things that are truly important to you.

Try this exercise the next time you spend.

Just pause and be aware of where you spend…Just be Aware. Don’t get into a blame or shame mode. Just be Aware and this itself will drive behaviour change.

I have done it and it works.

I even have a very interesting take (from a celebrity) about spending on your investments (which I will share in a future Nano).

The message for now is “Just Be Aware”.