What’s happening in the Market? Versus What’s happening in my Life?

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

One of the most common questions investors ask advisors is “What’s happening in the Market?

This is like asking a doctor “What’s happening in the medical profession? What’s happening with new treatments and new operating procedures?” I do not imagine any of us ever asking such questions to medical professionals.  We know we have a problem and we look to solving that problem. The same applies when it comes to investing. You should go to advisors to solve your real problem. So, what should you be really asking yourself?

What’s happening in my Life?  An extension of this is “What’s happening in my Financial Life?

Money is a Means to an end. It is a tool or utility that will help you live a Happier Financial Life or the Life you have imagined. What’s that Life that you have imagined and what’s happening in it? This is the question to ask yourself, so you are first able to understand it yourself.

The final step is then to find a skilled advisor who will focus on your life and guide you to achieve the life you have imagined.