Investing in Your Financial Fit: Why One Size Does Not Fit All in Personal Finance

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Imagine walking into a store to buy clothes, but instead of picking garments that fit your size, style, and comfort, you choose to buy what your friend wears. It sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Yet, surprisingly, this is how many approach investing—mimicking others’ choices without considering if they’re suited to their own personal financial situation and goals. This is one reason why most portfolios are simply a hodgepodge of products. There is no alignment of your portfolio (or your money) with your personal life. This is what we see on a regular basis…


Here’s why your investment portfolio should be as tailor-made as your wardrobe, reflecting your life, not someone else’s.

Personalization is Key
Just as you would select clothing to suit your body shape, style preferences, and the climate you live in, your investment portfolio should be customized to your financial situation, risk tolerance, investment timeline, and goals. The financial instruments and strategies right for one person might be entirely unsuitable for another due to different income levels, responsibilities, lifestyles, and future aspirations.

Risk Tolerance and Time Horizon
Would you wear your friend’s tight shoes for a marathon just because they’re popular? Likely not, as you’d choose footwear that fits well and suits the long distance ahead. Similarly, in investing, your risk tolerance and investment horizon determine the “size” of your investments. If you are risk-averse, a stock-heavy portfolio might keep you up at night, whereas bonds or stable value funds might not provide the growth needed by someone comfortable with high risk and a longer runway.

Financial Goals: As Unique as Your Life
Your financial goals are a function of your life’s unique journey—just like your wardrobe might change if you move from a hot climate to a cold one. Someone saving for a home down payment in three years will need a different investment strategy from someone preparing for retirement in three decades. Copying a friend’s or son’s investment, who might be at a different life stage or financial condition, is like wearing their winter jacket in your tropical city—it just doesn’t make sense.

Avoiding the Trap of Performance Envy
It’s easy to feel envious when someone else’s investments outperform yours, just as it might be tempting to envy a friend’s outfit at a party. However, just because something looks good on someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. Investments, like clothing, should not be chosen based on current trends or external appearances but should be based on how well they help meet your personal goals and objectives.

Custom Tailored Portfolio
A portfolio that is tailor-made for your financial needs and goals, much like a custom-tailored suit, will always fit better than something off-the-rack. It considers your personal circumstances, adjusts for your comfort level with risk, and aligns with your future goals. This might mean diversifying across different asset classes, picking investments that offer growth or income at different stages of your life, and adjusting the mix as your life changes.

Your investment portfolio is not a one-size-fits-all garment but a bespoke ensemble designed to fit your life perfectly. Just as you wouldn’t wear someone else’s outfit to an important event, you shouldn’t mirror someone else’s investment strategy. By ensuring your investment choices are tailored to your personal financial situation and goals, you’ll not only wear your investments comfortably but you’ll also be on your way to achieving your financial goals, stress-free and with confidence. Remember, in the world of investing, the best fit is always personal.

And when it’s done the right way (by real professionals), this is how it will look.


On May 11th, 2024, we will complete 19 years of creating such world class personalized portfolios for investors. We will complete 19 years of helping people align the use of their capital with what’s important to them. We will complete 19 years of helping people live a HappyRich Life.



As we approach the remarkable milestone of 19 years, it feels both humbling and exhilarating to pause and reflect on the journey we’ve shared. This momentous day is not just a measure of time but one of amazing relationships, growth, and shared successes that we’ve crafted together.

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