The Market is Too High

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

Before you jump to any conclusion, let me make a clear disclosure. I am not making a forecast (not that I ever do). The headline “The Market is Too High” is simply the title of the visual. By the way, this Nano is dedicated to all investors waiting to invest.


If you have ever waited to invest, isn’t this what you have experienced?

You wait for a correction.

Then God grants you your wish. There is a correction. But now you want to wait more. Even when you are given a lower point to invest, you keep waiting hoping (feeling/thinking/analysing) the market will go lower. But then it goes up again. Correction Over. And you keep waiting for the cycle to repeat until you find the courage to invest.

No one knows where the stock market is headed from here. But as you all know by now, it does not matter. The thing that matters is whether you invest and then most importantly stay invested to let compounding do its magic.