Some Points to Ponder Over

Amar Pandit , CFA , CFP

The following is some food for thought.

1. The US Election Uncertainty is Over.

2. Serious Vaccine Progress made by Pfizer and Moderna. At some point of time, we might have a Vaccine. The next challenge will be to overcome the scale of manufacturing and distribution of these vaccines.

3. Strong Earnings in many sectors already.

4. Loads of Pent up Demand as we have all been under some form of House Arrest.

5. The next Wave of US stimulus to come anytime. Foreign Institutional Investors have already invested Rs.24000+ Crore  till 12th November 2020.

6. The best returns are made in the worst of times and this time was no different. The people who wait will continue to wait. Humility is very important in the markets. There are times when we will be wrong. We cannot get it right all the time. The wise know this and they accept a mistake when made and do what is needed to be done.

7. Your next 10 years is made of 3650 NOWs and your next 20 years is made of 7300 NOWsNOW is the time to invest and NOW will always be the time to Invest because you are not Investing FOR NOW.

Are you still waiting NOW?