The HappyRich Investor Sketches

The HappyRich Investor Sketches

by Amar Pandit (Author)

I have asked this question to thousands of people (including savvy investors), “What’s important to you about money?” Most of them were stunned at first with the unexpected question, but for most people it comes to Freedom, Security, Luxury, Entertainment and so on. Let’s say someone said Security and I probe further, like peeling an onion, asking, “What’s important about security to you?” I start getting answers such as, “So I can ensure my family is taken care of, or I can address any unforeseen circumstances comfortably”. When you peel the next level with, “What’s important about taking care of your family to you?”, that’s when magic starts to happen. People realize that money is a means to an end, and that the end is always something deeper than one has ever thought. Simply put, we don’t have time to think or we have been conditioned to think of investing in a certain way in terms of products, returns, stocks and so on.

This is because we have not thought about our real purpose of saving and investing . Very rarely have we thought about our purpose, or even asked ourselves, “Why am I investing?”

However, this is an extremely profound question and one that would help you live the Best Financial Life possible. What do I mean by that? I have attempted to explain what I mean through 12 Key Sketches and Insights that I feel are relevant for you today. These will help you think about things/matters that are important to you, how to approach your savings and investing, and the key areas to focus on.

I feel that these 12 Sketches and Insights are extremely simple to understand, but profound. If you go through the Sketches, digest them well and implement some of them in the way you plan, save and invest, you will let your money help you live the best financial life possible. I promise you will experience this just like thousands of Investors have.

The HappyRich Investor Sketches illustrate the core (& profound) concepts of savings, investing and financial planning that even the savviest of you will find useful.

I look forward to hearing from you on I would love to know your thoughts on whether these sketches have made a ‘Happy’ difference in the way you look at investing.

Live HappyRich!

Amar Pandit, CFA, CFP

Founder, Happyness Factory